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About Us

We are musicians first and foremost- and we love to make content.

Check out our award winning short-film Musicians of Mischief available on Film Hub, and Vimeo. Winner of Best Comedy at Comedy Night of Shorts.

Our bands include:

ASSININE: A hooligan metal/punk infused band filled with heavy riffs and breakdowns, anarchy driven vocals, hard hitting drums, and bowel shaking bass lines.

Harry Sac and the Pubes: A novelty punk band currently in formation.

Parody: Hilarious parody rock act comprised of the Musicians of Mischief- Harry and Velvet - content coming 2023 - follow @musiciansofmischief and check back here for the most up-to-date sketches, segments, songs, etc.

Musicians of Mischief - Season 1 currently in production.  

Band of Misfits Productions: Text
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