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Musicians of Mischief



Single White Female (band)

Parody ft. The Musicians of Mischief

Harry Sac and The Pubes


National Day of Rock N' Roll 

Rock for Paws

Headbang for the Homeless

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Metal band from Las Vegas

We meet on Craigslist in summer of 2022....formerly Single White Female, we changed our name after we played our first show together.  Why you ask?  People didn't get the sarcasm in the name Single White Female, and so with little thought...we came up with  ASSININE, which is a much better representation of who and what we are.
2022 has been filled with: writing, goofing off, gigging, and then doing some more writing, and goofing off, so get ready!  We've got content coming your way.
On another note: we like our music hard, fast, and heavy...and we like to goof off (see Musicians of Mischief) don't expect much...

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Musicians of Mischief (Short Film)

We have ComeDY

The Musicians of Mischief film is a 7 part series of short films, comedically compiled together, featuring music performed and played by 'The Musicians of Mischief'.

Winner for the Best Comedy at 'Night of Comedy Shorts'

Find us on:



Film Freeway


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Single White Female (band)

Female fronted hard rock/metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada. - converted to ASSININE.

All previously released music will still be found as Single White Female.  Newly released music in 2023 will be released under ASSININE.

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Parody ft. The Musicians of Mischief is the parody band to end all parody bands.

The songs sound like a cover with the lyrics re-written.  

Harry Sac and The Pubes

Coming Soon

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